I’m feeding my almost toddler oatmeal while I’m typing this.

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

And as usual, she’s dropped everything on the floor in hopes to regain my attention. Luckily, my husband has come to the rescue and has scooped her up for a moment while I figure out what to type next for this post.

Motherhood requires an enormous amount of multitasking. And from here on out, I shall cast no judgement on mothers who do similar things –

Ope, hold on – the toaster went off. Husband wants his pop-tarts.

*burns self with hot pop-tarts*

*runs back to laptop*

Okay, I’m back! Where was I again? Oh yes, the multitasking bit. You need a lot of it. I understand how some women end up with the dreaded “Mom Brain” condition. This is when you often lose your train of thought due to constantly switching between tasks and then forgetting what you were originally trying to do in the first place.

So, why did I start this blog? Hold on – I actually legit forgot for a moment… It will come back…

This blog is dedicated to those who are trying to navigate the new perils of what parenthood is like, while trying to find a new normal in their own lives. I want to use this as a place to vent during my own experiences and struggles. I’ve gotten past the point of being afraid of judgement from other people. I’ve just come to accept that, well frankly, haters gonna hate.

So if you’re reading this, welcome! I’m glad you’ve decided to join me in documenting this wonderfully exhausting and crazy new life I’ve jumped into. Enjoy! More posts coming, as soon as I can get my child down for another nap…

By Jessie

Jessie works a full-time job and also happens to be the mother of a bubbly toddler named PJ. She lives with her husband Dan in Southeastern Michigan and hangs out in the Toledo, Ohio area a lot. Loves food, coffee, and likes to play video games in her spare time, if she's lucky to get any.

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